Bedfordshire Clanger Calamity (Paperback)

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In the small Bedfordshire town of Biggleswade, retired detective Albert, and former police dog, Rex, are enjoying a peaceful break from the murder and mayhem of the last week. Until the waitress serving him is arrested for murder ... ... and he discovers she killed the cafe's owner three days ago. But Albert saw her eyes when the police came for her - she is innocent With evidence stacked against her, no alibi, and both motive and opportunity, she will carry the blame unless someone can prove otherwise. Left holding her dog when the police took her away, Albert does what he does best ... he snoops. There is something very odd going on, that's for sure, but as he starts to investigate, the woman's checkered past comes to life. Is she guilty after all? In no time at all Albert becomes the target and this time it will take more than Rex to keep him safe. Is there a master criminal working behind the scenes? What possible motive could he have? One thing is for sure ... this is no underdog tale

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ISBN: 9781739738211
ISBN-10: 1739738217
Publisher: Stevehiggsbooks
Publication Date: September 13th, 2020
Pages: 246
Language: English