Cat Scratch Game 2020: Will You Die? (Paperback)

Cat Scratch Game 2020: Will You Die? By D. Kotschwar Cover Image
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Maia is smoldering. College is not the career path she planned. COVID makes earning a living nearly impossible, and she'll do nearly anything to avoid sleeping on her mother's couch. Dr. Ben Lawson is three years into a medical residency, trying to keep his wife happy, and worrying about his kids. He's stuck between the hospital and the hotel during COVID, spring, 2020. What he learned in medical school didn't prepare him for this. Gabriela's loving grandmother, her only contact in America, just died from the new virus. Their apartment is being rented to someone else. She is now an orphan who needs street smarts. And for Dr. Ed Clarke, Attending Physician, COVID uncovers a past he didn't want to remember and a present struggling to recall the basics of medicine.

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ISBN: 9781961093362
ISBN-10: 1961093367
Publisher: Silversmith Press
Publication Date: February 11th, 2024
Pages: 306
Language: English