Kick the Bouquet: A Flower Shop Mystery (Paperback)

Kick the Bouquet: A Flower Shop Mystery By Jason Eberhardt (Editor), Kate Collins Cover Image
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With my family at odds, my flower shop losing customers, and my husband's future in jeopardy - do I, Abby Knight Salvare, have anything left to be thankful for?


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everything in Abby's life seems to be falling apart. The last thing she needs to worry about is where to eat. Does she go to her parents' house for dinner or break with tradition and go to her mother-in-law's house instead? Abby's mom is in a tizzy and Abby is desperately seeking a solution. But she has a bigger problem when hunky hubby Marco becomes a suspect in the murder of his landlord, realtor Arthur McMahon.

After Abby overhears two of the wealthy realtor's children joking about his demise at the funeral home, she is sure that one of them did the deed. But part-time private investigator Marco Salvare has his ideas on who wanted the landlord pushing up daisies. The list of suspects grows longer when a final suspect shows up that neither one could've imagined. Was it an angry renter or one of Arthur's money-hungry children who decided to end his life?

Or was it his young fianc , the woman his children call the Black Widow?

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ISBN: 9798366535403
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 6th, 2023
Pages: 278
Language: English