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"Unadulterated fun . . . witty, frequently hilarious. . . Pratchett parodies everything in sight." —San Francisco Chronicle

From bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett, the world’s foremost practitioner of satire and send-up, this delightful installment in the Discworld series finds Granny Weatherwax and her tiny coven of witches faced with their biggest challenge yet as an invasion of elves threatens to disrupt Lancres' dreamy Midsummer Night — and throw their world into chaos.

It's a dreamy Midsummer Night in the Kingdom of Lancre, and music and romance fill the air. But on this night, dreams are especially powerful — strong enough to pull down the wall between realities. Magic and mischief are afoot, threatening to spoil the royal wedding of King Verence and his favorite witch, Magrat Garlick.

The witches return home to discover that elves have invaded Lancre, particularly nasty creatures. Soon it won't be only champagne that's flowing through the streets . . .

The Discworld novels can be read in any order, but Lords and Ladiesis the fourth book in the Witches series. The Witches collection includes:

  • Equal Rites
  • Wyrd Sisters
  • Witches Abroad
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Maskerade
  • Carpe Jugulum
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ISBN-13: 9780061807527
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Publication Date: October 13th, 2009

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